About - ApricotMint

Color Makes Life Beautiful 

ApricotMint is a family owned Home and Garden decor, accessories company. 
Founded in Spring 2018, we are located in sunny Southern California.   Our journey started during our 2016 trip to Italy, at the island of Murano where my husband and I first experienced the beauty of Handblown Art glass in making, then what started as a weekend DIY creative project became beautiful products.  
At ApricotMint, we believe color tells stories and creates memories.  We want to captures these color to decorate every moment of your life!  
To create long lasting color, our artist used traditional technique by melting color glass and hand blown it to shape.  Each pieces are uniquely handmade with care.  

What makes ApricotMint special? 
- Innovate, we are constantly working on new concepts and trend right products that's Uniquely you.  
- 100% handblown art glass that's high quality, durable with long lasting color. 
- Safe for you and the environment, traditional molten glass handblown technique without using paint nor glaze.  
- Care, we are here for you to provide the best service. 

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